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The importance of following up with enquiries

Sometimes dealing with enquiries is like eating one of those Cornettos, you know, #justonecornetto? The one with the hard chocolatey tip?  I don’t know about you, but that’s the bit I love the most. I like eating the top, but then rush through the middle to get to the hard chocolate at the bottom. I…

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My Top 8 Must Do’s When Replying To Destination Enquiries

Last year a friend of ours came to meet our little baby and turned up with flowers from one of the most expensive flower shops in London, a teddy for our daughter (the kind you don’t let your child play with, ‘cos it’s a collectable) and in a small envelope that I almost dismissed, there…


How To Make Your Enquiry Form Work Hard For You

A few days ago I received an enquiry from a directory I advertise in that read: “Name: Such & SuchDate of the wedding: MM/YYWhere would you like to get married: ItalyMore info: “groom from XXX, bride from XXX, around 30-40 guests.” DONE. Seriously, not a word more, not a word less.  I’m ok with this…


When you don’t feel legit

Have I ever told you of that time I gave $1200 to a designer that took 1.5 years to do my rebrand, to then end up having to hire someone else to finish it off because I realised we weren’t going anywhere?  Event just writing this I feel ashamed. And as much as I would…


23 things I wish I knew when I started as a destination wedding planner

What is one of your biggest regrets in life? I thought about this today, and I came up with quite a list – a mix between wishing I made the most of my summers as a single young girl to travel through Europe, and wishing I went for a bigger size when I bought that…