Your venue is one of a kind, set in an incredibly breathtaking backdrop. Pictures don’t do it any justice. You know it’s a gem – you get told all the time.

People have asked you if you host weddings. Perhaps you already do for local couples, but there seems to be a lot of interest from an international clientele, and most definitely, opportunities for higher earnings.

Perhaps you already get enquiries from international couples and destination wedding planners, but for some reason you’re not converting the enquiries into bookings.

the potential is real

It’s time to…

  • tap into that potential, invest in the knowledge you and your team need to make your venue ready for the ever growing destination wedding market

  • play bigger and be better at attracting the type of couples that will travel the world for the perfect wedding venue

  • convert the enquiries into booked clients and maximise your revenue

  • do less local, low-budget weddings, and more destination ones with higher earning potential.

Be the one they choose. Book more, better quality destination weddings.

You might have not realised it, but... destination weddings currently hold at about 25% of the global wedding market.*


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elisabetta white


An international wedding planner & destination wedding consultant from London, UK. Originally from Italy, Elisabetta moved to the UK at 21, where she got a degree in Media & Communication, worked in the media industry and became an international wedding planner. Today Elisabetta uses her experience to help destination wedding venues refine their offering to book incredible destination weddings and maximise their revenue potential.

Have you got the perfect wedding venue for destination weddings?

As an international wedding planner first, and consultant second, I’ve had my fair share of encounters with wedding venues that would be perfect for my couples, if only…

  • they knew their venue is perfect for weddings
  • someone in their team spoke fluent English
  • they had a well-thought out sales process
  • their contracts and on-boarding process were more professional
  • their images were more modern
  • their facilities were in line with what discerning international couples want

  • they understood how to work with international wedding planners

  • they had a much clearer pricing structure so that destination couples wouldn’t have to waste time asking for clarifications

  • they were keen to get feedback on board and make changes to better serve international clients

Too many IF’s!

My dedicated consulting services will make you one of the wedding venues that stands out from the crowd.

The venue that people recommend over and over.

The one offering unparalleled service and support to those busy international couples who are almost giving up on the dream of a destination wedding because of they’re struggling to get responses.

You become a bucket-list destination venue, recognised internationally - not just for its beauty, but also for its outstanding service, reputation and quality.

Confident in your offering, you will get to price accordingly, with fully booked seasons at the fees your venue deserves.

If this sounds like what you want for your venue, I have the experience and tools you need to make it happen.


What does a one-to-one consultancy program with me involve?

Drawing both from my experience as an international wedding planner and as a communication specialist, I offer a dedicated consultancy service for destination wedding venues (or those who have realise they have the potential to become one).

This service is perfect if you are looking to refine your wedding offering for destination couples and wedding planners, so you can better serve them, and in turn benefit from recommendations, fully booked seasons and higher earnings.

My consultancy service will help you with the following:

  • Evaluate the true potential of hosting destination weddings at your venue

  • Assess the effectiveness of all your marketing material, including website sales pages, imagery, social media channels, directory listings and brochures, to help you draw higher paying destination clients

  • Refine your sales processes to ensure the client experience is top notch from enquiry to delivery. This includes assessment of the enquiry process, email correspondence, in-person venue visits, and client on-boarding steps

  • Identify necessary equipment and facility improvements to make your property stand out

  • Review your packages and pricing structure to reflect the quality of service and offering, and get clarity on upselling strategy

Here's how we can work together


THE FUNDAMENTALS £4590 + travel

In-person consulting visit (6 hours)
Mystery enquiry to assess customer journey
Detailed findings report
90 min follow up revision

£5590 + travel

In-person consulting visit (6 hours)
Mystery enquiry to assess customer journey
Detailed findings report
90 min follow up revision
PLUS: 5-month consulting service with monthly 1 hour calls

£14,450 + travel

In-person consulting visit (6 hours)
Mystery enquiry to assess customer journey
Detailed findings report
90 min follow up revision
PLUS: bespoke photo-shoot to update or create a new set of wedding images
ADDED VALUE: 5-month consulting service with monthly 1 hour calls

If all you require is a done-for-you photo-shoot service to elevate your brand with fresh inspiring wedding images of your venue, feel free to approach me directly to find out about my stand-alone commercial shoot service.

The specifics


The Fundamentals

At the core of all three packages are the following services:

In-person site visit with you and your event team: a 6 hours full-immersion to assess the property’s suitability for destination weddings, review the space, facilities and equipment, and discuss your aspirations, goals and challenges.

Mystery client enquiry: to fully assess the sales process, I will send a mock enquiry putting the event team to the test to see how the handle the sales and on-boarding process.

Report on the findings: following the in-person visit and mystery client enquiry, I will compile an extensive report summarising my findings and providing detailed feedback on the improvements that are necessary to align your venue to the right destination couples.

This includes, but is not limited to, personalised feedback on how to:

  • attract and convert the enquiries into bookings

  • upgrade the facilities and equipment to better serve the ever discerning and aesthetic-conscious international clients

  • outline the exact changes you need to make to refine the packages and start charging more

  • finesse the sales process and client experience so that each and every destination wedding couple feels in safe and professional hands

  • improve the effectiveness of the marketing material, including an assessment of all your communication channels, brochures, sales pages, and advertising

Follow-up revision: a 90 minute call to discuss the findings and provide feedback on how to handle any challenging improvements that need to be implemented.


The Fundamentals + 5 MONTH CONSULTING

In-person visit (6 hours)
Mystery enquiry
Detailed findings report
90 min follow up revision

plus 5-month consulting service with 1 hour calls

To provide the support you need as you implement all the changes that have been suggested. These calls are an opportunity for you to continue picking my brain, receive actionable help on areas of concern, ask questions and get direction on matters that are unclear or situations that have arisen since our initial meeting, stay accountable or give the sales / event teams additional support.


The Fundamentals + BESPOKE PHOTO-SHOOT

In-person visit (6 hours)
Mystery enquiry
Detailed findings report
90 min follow up revision

plus 5-month consulting service with 1 hour calls

plus bespoke photo-shoot

To update or create a new set of wedding images for your website gallery, social media channels, brochures and advertising that will focus and showcase the beauty of your venue and suitability for destination weddings, and that will align you to the kind of high-budget wedding clients looking for a venue that fulfils.

The shoot will be designed, styled and coordinated by myself using an international team of wedding suppliers, including experienced wedding & commercial photographer, florist, stationery designer, decor for ceremony and table set up (table up to 10 place settings), hair & make-up artist, models, bridal gown and groom’s attire. The output (up to 70 print-ready images) will be delivered to you within 6 weeks from the shoot. I will also leverage my relationship with international blogs and magazines to try and secure an editorial feature of the photoshoot, thus giving your venue added exposure.

apply now To tap into your venue potential and attract those higher budget destination wedding!

Book a 30 min Clarity Call now If you’re not sure which service is most suitable to your needs, book a 45 minute call with me to discuss your questions about the consulting services and how I can help your venue.


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