26 Jun 2020

When you don’t feel legit

Elisabetta White

Have I ever told you of that time I gave $1200 to a designer that took 1.5 years to do my rebrand, to then end up having to hire someone else to finish it off because I realised we weren’t going anywhere? 

Event just writing this I feel ashamed. And as much as I would like to entirely put the blame onto someone else, I was at fault too. 

Granted, a professional brand designer usually knows that when you sound confused, it is because you are. And you will likely need to do quite a lot of work to figure out who you are, what you stand for and what you offer, before they even attempt dream of starting to design for you. And this particular designer, well… She never really made do any of those basic exercises that most designers get you to do to help them define the brief. Just a quick Pinterest board with generic branding images I liked, and she cracked on with designing. 

Needless to say it was a complete waste of everyone’s time. At that point in my business journey, I had ZERO idea of how to progress with my destination wedding planning services. In fact, I was still trading under a completely different name that didn’t feel one bit like me. 

I lacked clarity, knowledge and confidence. 

By the time I figured all this out, I had wasted 1.5 years and $1200. 

I actually felt embarrassed as I became the talk of town. You & Your Wedding magazine kept publishing my work and kept asking me how I’d like to be credited as they knew I was in the middle of a (lifelong!) rebrand. Repeating the words “Well, I haven’t finished the rebrand yet, so you can keep the website off the credits” felts sore to say the least. 

I don’t want anyone to ever feel the way I did. Not knowing whether I was coming or going. Feeling like everyone was ahead and I was lagging behind. Never feeling legit. 


I’m sighing writing these words. Because those words kept ringing in my ears and made me feeling like quitting so many times. 

I said earlier it wasn’t entirely my fault, and you know what. It wasn’t. When I started there were no courses out there, no consultants, no workshops specifically aimed at destination wedding planners. Without guidance you can only do your best, and sometimes not even that is good enough.

So back in 2019, when I came at a cross road in my life, I decided it was time to be that one person I so wish I had in my career journey.

No one should ever feel like quitting because they aren’t equipped with the right knowledge and skills to give them the confidence and the clarity they need to smash it as a destination planner. 

And this – pouring my heart and soul into educating and supporting new and aspiring destination planners so they can own their career journey without the pitfalls I had – THIS is what drives me today. 

If you ever slip into negative thinking, the kind of thinking that drags you down and makes you feel like you’re not legit, like you want to quit, please remember these words by Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins quote "I am the creator of my life. Not the manager of my circumstances."

Sending you love and always lots of positive vibes.

PS: If it feels like you’re struggling alone, come and join a group of supportive destination wedding planners in my group “Launch and Grow Your Destination Wedding Business“.

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