27 Jul 2020

My Top 8 Must Do’s When Replying To Destination Enquiries

Elisabetta White

Last year a friend of ours came to meet our little baby and turned up with flowers from one of the most expensive flower shops in London, a teddy for our daughter (the kind you don’t let your child play with, ‘cos it’s a collectable) and in a small envelope that I almost dismissed, there was a whopping £100 voucher for an Italian baby clothes boutique in London.

Now, to clarify, our friend doesn’t do high street; he only wears luxurious fabrics, brand names that cost ££££s, and travels 1st class everywhere. So when said friend buys you a voucher for a specific boutique, your expectations are sky-high!

A few days ago I checked the website and decided to spend that voucher. I saw an exquisite navy blue coat, with velvet collar and pockets details… It was perfection. I click on the size I need for my little one, and of course, “OUT OF STOCK”.” I see one of those message bubbles at the bottom of the page, so I send them an enquiry. 

It’s been a week and I still haven’t heard back. 

Now, I already had a voucher, so it’s not like I could have taken my business elsewhere. I ended up spending my £100 on 3 items I still love, but not the one I was desperate to get.

You’re probably wondering, why are you talking to me about a baby coat?

Here’s why:

There are couples who will have high expectations of you, be it because you were recommended by someone, or because they’ve seen your work online. When these people enquire with you, they have a vision for the perfect wedding, achieved thanks to the help of their perfect planner. 

They might already feel a bit disheartened by the lack of response of venues or suppliers at the destination. So they’re coming to us, destination planners, with high hopes. [Take note, this is a VERY common issue with destination clients, so you are the answer to that pain very specific pain point!]

Now imagine if after that experience, they enquire with you and you don’t get back to them. Not in one day, not in 48 hours… Perhaps in 3 or 4 days. Or even worse, a week! What taste do you think that’s going to leave in their mouth? 

You want your response to enquiries to be WOW-worthy. You want to remind those new leads why you are the perfect fit for their needs and to do so you don’t just need to be quick – you also need to be smart.

To help you with that, here’s my top tips to make sure your enquiry response is top-notch:

  1. Reply ASAP, and for sure no later than 48 hours since the enquiry. If you can’t provide a full reply because you’re not in the office, acknowledge their email and let them know the timeframe by which you will reply in full.
  2. Read their enquiry properly and note anything that tells you whether they are the right customers for you. Do they sound excited to have found you? Does it sound like they are shopping around? Have they given you any information about their personal lives? For instance, if someone wrote: “My fiancé proposed while skiing on Mont Blanc!” it would make my heart sing, as it’s likely this couple are travellers who love winter sports, my ideal clients! Now I know for sure we have things in common and I’ll make sure I tell them something about the fact I’m a skier too and I have a place in the Alps. 
  3. Show excitement for their vision. Have you already done a wedding at that destination? If yes, volunteer a link to your portfolio (but only do so if you think it’s aligned to their vision!)
  4. Put yourself in your ideal clients’ shoes. Are they the type that likes to have all the info before they make a decision? Or do they prefer top line information to then have a chat? If the first, it might be worth considering putting together a brochure and replying to you clients with that as an attachment. If the latter, condense the key information about the service that is most suitable to their needs in a few bullet points. 
  5. When you introduce your services, always lead with the benefits to them. What are their pain points? What solution do you offer to them? Why are you the best to offer a solution to their problems? 
  6. Ask them any other question that will help you determine whether they’re the right the right fit. Did they provide you a budget? Do you know how many guests they are expecting? If you have no idea of whether their wedding is feasible or not, ask those crucial questions and explain what will happen next. 
  7. If you do have all the information you need, offer a complimentary consultation. Provide a link to your online diary (you can use Calendly or Appointlet) so they can book a slot with you. 
  8. Conclude your email with excitement. Tell them you’re really looking forward to getting to know them and hopefully work with them to plan their dream wedding. Don’t be cold, or sound flat – unless that’s what your ideal clients expect and want. 

Ultimately you want to remember that you’re selling their vision to them and you want to show them how perfectly you fit into their vision. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be one step closer to converting more leads into enquiries. 

Hope this is helpful! 

I’ll see you on Friday with more advice on conducting consultations! 

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