13 Jun 2019

You’ve only done half of your duty

Elisabetta White

“You’ve only done half of your duty”

My dad used to tell me this sentence A LOT. It wasn’t because he liked to make us feel like we were never doing enough. Far from it. The message was something I came to appreciate later in the years.

Going to school & studying was just half of our duty. The other half was bringing home good marks. And yet, bringing home good marks was just half of our duty. Being a thoughtful, obedient child was the other half… And so on. ⁣

Doing my job well is just half of my duty. This is what I’ve learnt. In fact, doing my job well for me it’s almost mediocrity. Everyone can do their job well. What’s special about that? What sets me apart from everyone else? Nothing. ⁣

If you do your job and you don’t do it well, you might as well not do it at all.

And yet, so many couples encounter planners, venues and suppliers who are in the game for the money & fame only. Those who make so much money from kickbacks unbeknown to the couple, recommending suppliers based of personal gain and not suitability to the client; venues who clearly have zero passion for weddings, charge the moon for mediocre service and don’t see the bigger picture, aka word of mouth. Doing your job like this is not even 1/4 of our duty. In fact, you might as well NOT do it AT ALL. ⁣

Achieve your full potential, and more  

Dad’s taught me that your full potential is going above & beyond. Even when it gets tough. And then, grow and aim higher and better. If you get there, you’ve done half of your duty – master it with graciousness, give 200% and you’ll have done your full duty. Now move on to higher and better.⁣

It’s with this in mind that I do planning & now consulting. It’s about helping others see that bigger picture; achieve greatness without the mistakes that make others decide to either quit or continue doing what they’re doing half-heartedly, for the profit only and never for the passion. When passion is first, the desire to be better, to refine the service so you can give your clients 200% is a natural conversion. When you do this with confidence, the profit follows. ⁣

Time to shake it up a little, help each other to get better, create excellence, and then go higher.

Let me help you with that.

As a consultant for aspiring international planners and destination wedding venues, it’s I’m determined to help you fight against the tendency to just exist and not go beyond – no one should be perceived or have a reputation for being mediocre.

My dad’s quote fires me to work extra hard as a consultant and empower my customers to grow, shine and succeed.

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