When I started out as a planner I'd spend hours scouring the internet for resources to help me out.

I would spend money on stuff that was sort-of useful, but not quite. At the time there were no destination wedding planners teaching and sharing knowledge, so I had to rely on the information that destination wedding photographers would share [yeah, massive Jasmine Star fan here!].

It was exhausting! And more than anything, I wasn't progressing very far!

Well, you're in luck, 'coz I have just what you need!

If you are anything like me, I know you'll want to take action and get your business in the best shape possible. But it is hard work.

Running as a destination wedding planner is like juggling a million balls simultaneously. And the thing is, if you drop one ball, chances are, the others will drop too and you risk leaving money on the table. Quite literally.

You reply to enquiries feeling unsure and are tired of couples ghosting you. You are constantly plagued by that nagging feeling that says: "You know you should be showing your face on Instagram today..." but you feel uninspired and deflated – definitely not in the frame of mind for an Instagram live!

You want to be in control and banish that feeling of overwhelm you can easily feel when you're starting out. But let's be honest, sometimes having a little help doesn't hurt.

That's why I am creating useful resources to help you run your business

with more confidence and know-how!

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elisabetta white


An international wedding planner & destination wedding consultant from London, UK. Originally from Italy, Elisabetta moved to the UK at 21, where she got a degree in Media & Communication, worked in the media industry and became an international wedding planner. Today Elisabetta uses her experience to help destination wedding venues refine their offering to book incredible destination weddings and maximise their revenue potential.


I got you covered my friend!

Never do I want to hear destination wedding planners struggling to come up with ideas for their livestreams, blog posts, Instagram Guides or Reels.

Never do I want you to stall replying to a potential client because you are second guessing your approach and you are waiting for some other experienced planner to validate what you have written and confirm your email is good to go (YEAH... I've done that...!).

My Resources for Destination Wedding Planners are what you need to make sure you are taking action and progressing without confusion and overwhelm.

They will increase your visibility, help you develop best practices and more than anything, make you a confident and knowledgeable destination wedding planner.

Show me what you've got!


email templates

A PDF with 10 of my most used email templates to help you handle client enquiries, follow up, discount requests, set up consultations and send proposals, as well as turn down enquiries where the budget isn't right and help you retain some of those potential clients when you aren't available or they ask you for a service you don't offer. You won't just get the email text; you will also get guidance through explanations of why I feel that specific reply is the best way forward, so that you can tailor it to your specific brand voice and ideal clients.

livestream prompts

This list will allow you to share with your audience a mix of content so you will never need to struggle to come up with ideas, and more importantly, you will be sharing the right mix of content that keeps people engaged! If you follow these prompts you will be adding value to your ideal clients, and position yourself as an expert, which will in turn keep you at the top of both potential clients and suppliers' minds.

The majority of the suggested topics could also be perfectly fine for any wedding planner, not just destination. My hope as with everything I produce is that you will make this your own, grow it and mould it around yourself, your business and your ideal clients.

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