Are you ready to take the leap and become an international wedding planner?

Can you see yourself travelling around Europe and beyond, planning weddings in some breathtaking destinations for couples who are your perfect match?

Do you look at those magical weddings in a vineyard or by a luscious coastline, and dream that one day you’ll be the one with destination weddings featured on international blogs or magazines?

Time to turn the dream into your new reality.


If launching as a destination wedding planner or adding an international arm to your business is on the cards, but are clueless as to how to start; if you’re already on that path and want to:

  • attract clients who are perfectly aligned to you

  • get clarity on how to price your destination offering correctly

  • finesse your services, sales process & marketing to help you feel more confident and in control

  • understand how to better deal with foreign suppliers

  • or even just have someone answer the million questions you might have.

Get experienced help to take your destination business from zero to launch

with confidence, practical knowledge and complete clarity!

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elisabetta white


An international wedding planner & destination wedding consultant from London, UK. Originally from Italy, Elisabetta moved to the UK at 21, where she got a degree in Media & Communication, worked in the media industry and became an international wedding planner. Today Elisabetta uses her experience to help destination wedding venues refine their offering to book incredible destination weddings and maximise their revenue potential.

I know what it feels like.

Domestic weddings are starting to feel a bit too samey.

Most of the couples you work with are lovely, but a touch too traditional and predictable for your liking.

You’re craving more travel, more out of the ordinary weddings, and a laptop lifestyle that takes you around Europe and beyond.

You’re dreaming of exploring exciting new venues set among Tuscan vineyards or the blue Mediterranean seaside.

Your Instagram feed is flooded with dreamy images of destination wedding photographers and inside you feel that pull, wishing that it were you the one who planned them.

Act on that desire and make it all come true.

Travel. Book those incredible international couples. Plan those breathtaking destination weddings.


In 2009 I trained to become a wedding planner, but for some reason I kept sabotaging my career path telling myself it was an impractical dream.

By 2011 I was working 4 days a week in a media agency, handling 7 accounts, working 45+ hour a week and crying on my way to work almost every day. I loved my job, but I hated the corporate environment.

I needed a way out.

A friend gave me the opportunity to freelance in his design and communication studio, working 3 days a week from home. It was time to take the leap.

With 2 days suddenly available, I started working on my wedding planning business. For some inexplicable reason, I told myself that I wanted to do UK weddings only. However, being an Italian in London people's assumption was that I was a destination planner who specialised in weddings in Italy.

And so before I knew it, enquiries for Italy started coming in. Convinced that it would have been a walk in the park, I started promoting my destination services and in no time I booked weddings in Italy and Egypt. Except I wasn't making enough money to quit my freelance job.

I wanted to book those weddings so badly, I kept my prices at a level that was barely profitable. And worse still, I was wasting a crazy amount of time making costly mistakes, like promising couples a fast turnaround, to then let them down because the suppliers weren't as proactive and responsive as I'd hoped.

I had no one to guide me through the process

I was pretending that I knew the markets inside out, yet feeling like a fraud because I actually knew very little about doing weddings abroad and I was constantly getting stuck with unresponsive and uncooperative suppliers. And to top it all off, my branding kept attracting the wrong type of clients.

It took a lot of introspective work, losing my father and my motivation and working with people I had no alignment with to realise something had to change.

After countless online courses and coaching harnessing everything I know about marketing and communication, I can finally say I've learnt the hard way and figured out exactly what kind of international wedding planner I want to be. Today I plan intimate weddings with the most perfect couples in the most incredible destinations.

I understand the ins and outs of the destination wedding industry and pass that knowledge on to aspiring destination wedding planners that target international weddings.

There are times I asked myself: “What would I change about my career path?”

In all honesty, not getting business support right from the start.

Today you can get that support so you don’t have to make the same mistake.

Let me help you get things right, Now!

I believe in support from the heart; honest advice; authentic and genuine words of wisdom shared from a place of love and desire to see you succeed.

One-to-one consulting is the perfect way to get ongoing support for a one-off or a period of 4 months.

Working as a wedding planner can be fairly lonely if you have no business partner, but working as a destination one can be even harder. I know exactly what it’s like! I  understand your challenges and will help you make sure your business is in the best shape possible.

Through my one-to-one consulting we will work on your motivation, help you achieve clarity and improve your knowledge of how to run as a destination wedding planner, so you can start working internationally and survive the most challenging first year as an international wedding planner, or finesse your services and offering.

We will cover your why, discuss the common traits of destination wedding couples and why that matters, deep dive into the most common challenges and how to counteract them, and share the practical know-how of how to plan a destination wedding.

Do you like the sound of it? here's how we can work together



a deep dive into your business to discuss what works and what doesn't, create a strategy to elevate your brands, align you to the perfect clients and the dream destination weddings. We will review your website, branding, communication, sales & marketing processes, discuss where you’re at in business and establish your goals.

1 x 45 MINUTE FOLLOW UP CALL: to review your progress, provide advice and answer all your implementation questions.

PRE-SESSION ASSESSMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: to get laser focused on your needs pre-intensive day and then track your progress, gain more clarity and focus on your goals.

AFTERCARE: following the one day intensive, you'll benefit of 5 days of support via DM so you can refresh your memory, ask me all the questions you may have forgotten to ask during your session and get that extra push you need to start working on that strategy.

4-month one-to-one
+ 1 day intensive

a deep dive into your business to discuss what works and what doesn't, create a strategy to elevate your brands, align you to the perfect clients and the dream destination weddings. We will review your website, branding, communication, sales & marketing processes, discuss where you’re at in business and establish your goals for the next 16 weeks.

8 x 1-HOUR BI-WEEKLY CALLS: to review your progress, provide advice and accountability, answer all your questions so you can eliminate the overwhelm and continue to make progress in implementing the strategy we've identified together.

ACCOUNTABILITY: to track your progress, gain more clarity, focus on your goals and ensure each bi-weekly call is laser focused on your needs.

CONTINUOUS CARE: throughout the 4 months you will have access to me via DM so that you never have to wait to get an answer to all your questions!


And lastly

My consultancy programs are for you if you're:

  • at the beginning of your career path and have already trained as a wedding planner but you’ve decided what you really want is to do weddings abroad

  • an established wedding planner who wants to add an international arm to your business and need to get this done quickly, without costly mistakes

  • ready to commit to launching your destination business and are tired of the procrastination and the lack of confidence nonsense your brain has on a loop

  • craving the freedom that travelling will give you and cannot wait to earn money by doing something you’re passionate about while exploring new places and countries

  • ready to get this done now and you want to do it right, without asking people’s advice on social media every minute, looking like you’re out of your depth

  • eager to be one of those who makes it past the first year or the first two / three weddings, not another of those planners that quits because of frustration


If you're not quite ready for four months together, get in touch to find out more about my 90 minute Laser Sessions.

"I’m done with procrastinating!" Amazing! I can’t wait to meet you!